Explore the depths of “Roots & Recipes, Gardening Journal for Health and Happiness.” It’s more than just a gardening notebook—it’s your companion in exploring the joy and well-being that comes with gardening.

This beautifully designed garden journal offers 100 unique prompts for reflection, from your first successful harvest to the profound mental and emotional benefits gardening brings.

It’s a space to draw, write, and dream—your personal canvas to document the journey of your garden and yourself.

Includes 2 BONUSES:

  • A guidebook: ‘Journaling for Beginners: 10 Helpful Tips to Kickstart Your Journaling Experience
  • Garden Book Tracker‘ to keep track of your gardening books.

For less than what you’d spend on a movie and popcorn, download and begin journaling your garden experiences today. With reflection and deep digging into your garden practices, you’ll likely discover ways to increase efficiency while decreasing gardening maintenance. The resulting bountiful harvest is the money and time-saving reward of your dreams.

Prompts include:

  • How has your approach to gardening changed over time? Consider your techniques, choices of vegetables, and the goals for your garden.
  • Describe a day in your garden that was particularly perfect. What made it so memorable?
  • How do you feel when you share your garden’s produce with others? Discuss any feedback or reactions that have been meaningful to you.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Design: Each page is a visually appealing mix of prompts, drawing spaces, and reflection areas.
  • 100 Unique Prompts: Cover topics like physical and emotional health benefits, gardening challenges, and inspirations.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for recording gardening progress, sketching out ideas, or jotting down favorite recipes.
  • Reflective and Inspirational: Encourages a deep connection with nature, community, and personal growth.
  • Ideal Gift: A thoughtful gift for gardeners of all levels, from beginners to those with a green thumb.
  • BONUS #1: Journaling for Beginners guidebook shares 10 helpful tips to kickstart your journaling experience
  • BONUS #2: Garden Book Tracker contains 12 pages where you can keep track of your garden library, books read, wish list, books borrowed and loaned, and more!


  • Enhanced Mindfulness and Well-being: Regularly engaging with the journal prompts encourages mindfulness, helping you to reflect on your connection with nature and the calming effects of gardening on your mental health.
  • Creative Expression: Provides a dedicated space for you to creatively express your garden visions through drawing and writing, promoting a deeper personal connection with your gardening journey.
  • Personal Growth: By reflecting on successes, challenges, and the lessons learned through gardening, you can experience personal growth and gain insights into your resilience and adaptability.
  • Healthier Lifestyle: Encourages the consumption of home-grown produce, leading to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Gardening itself is a form of physical activity that can improve overall health.
  • Connection with Nature: This helps you to cultivate a closer relationship with the environment, promoting an appreciation for the cycles of life and the importance of sustainability in gardening practices.
  • Community and Sharing: The journal can inspire you to share your gardening experiences, harvests, and recipes with others, developing a sense of community and connection.
  • Educational Resource: Acts as a valuable educational tool, enabling you to track your gardening progress over time and learn from your experiences. This makes it easier to plan and improve future gardening endeavors.
  • Stress Reduction: Gardening is known for its therapeutic effects, and the journal supports this by offering a peaceful retreat to organize thoughts, reflect on the beauty of gardening, and reduce stress levels.
  • Lasting Keepsake: The journal becomes a personalized keepsake filled with memories and reflections that can be looked back on for years to come, documenting your journey in the world of gardening.

Pages Included:

  • Front Cover (color and B&W)
  • Copyright page
  • Belongs To Page (color and B&W)
  • 100 journal pages with unique prompts (color and B&W)
  • Back Cover (color & B&W)
  • BONUS #1 – Journaling for Beginners: 10 Helpful Tips to Kickstart Your Journaling Experience
  • BONUS #2 – Garden Book Tracker


Available as a downloadable zipped folder containing PDF files measuring 8.5″ x 11″. This planner is intended for personal use only. No physical products will be shipped.

For less than what you’d spend on a movie and popcorn, download and begin journaling your garden adventures today

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