Bugs and Butterflies Coloring Book & Mazes Too! (128 pages)

Bugs and Butterflies printable coloring book

Explore the delightful mix of fun and educational activities with the “Bugs and Butterflies Coloring Book & Mazes Too!”

This engaging book is perfect for kids aged 2-6, offering colorful pages and exciting mazes that help develop important skills.

The coloring pages improve fine motor skills, while the mazes enhance cognitive abilities by challenging young minds.

This book is a great tool for children to enjoy calmness and improve emotional control through the simple pleasures of coloring.

It’s an excellent choice for parents, grandparents, and teachers looking for a fun way to promote creativity and learning in a casual and enjoyable setting.

Available as an instant download PDF, you have the flexibility to print pages as needed, whether one at a time for focused activities or all at once to have a collection ready for endless enjoyment.

 Product Details:

  • Format: Instant download PDF that you print at home
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Age Suitability: Created for kids ages 2-6


  • Exploration and Learning: Children experiment with and learn to differentiate various colors, improving decision-making and fine motor skills.
  • Educational Artistry: Coloring distinct insect images enhances children’s recognition skills, encourages artistic expression, and provides a calming, stress-relieving activity.
  • Cognitive and Problem-Solving Enhancement: Mazes boost cognitive development, improve problem-solving and strategic thinking, and teach patience and persistence.
  • Skill Development and Confidence Boosting: Solution pages help children learn from mistakes, follow instructions, and build confidence in their problem-solving abilities.


  • Colorful covers
  • Belongs to page
  • Color test page: 42 small squares where children may experiment with and learn to differentiate various colors
  • Coloring pages: 49 unique single-sided coloring pages, allowing kids to draw on the blank back without marker bleed-through interfering with another image.
  • Mazes: 20 unique two-sided mazes
  • Maze Soultions: 4 pages with solutions to all 20 mazes
  • Instant Download PDF: No waiting around for delivery. Just download, print, and enjoy.


  • Available as a downloadable PDF file.
  • Workbook created as 8.5 x 11 document.
  • This workbook is intended for personal use only.
  • No physical products will be shipped.

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